Modesto CA or Austin TX?

  1. Hi, I've been an RN for almost a year now and have worked in Emerg since I graduated last June. I have recently passed my NCLEX and am thinking of moving to the States. I've had job offers from Emerg rooms in Modesto CA and Austin Texas. Any advice on the pros and cons of either?? I'm 24 and single. I grew up in a small town but then moved to the big city (Ottawa Ontario) so I know both big city and small town life. I haven't been a nurse that long so I want to work somewhere with strong continuing education programs and orientation for new nurses . . plus I'll be far away from home so a warm and welcoming atmosphere would also be great. I'm also a runner so safe and nice running trailos would be an added bonous. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thnx,

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  3. by   Student Nurse 82
    Hey I live in the Modesto area and wish I could get out of this one horse town. There isnt much to do here other than movies or bowling or clubs if your into that. The cost of living here is way too high especially if your planning to buy..... I have been to Texas and would definately reccomend going there instead of here......What facility offered you employment in modesto????
  4. by   jlisle
    It was memmorial hospital. Do you know much about the hospital??