Med surg job, versus wound care? Med surg job, versus wound care? | allnurses

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Med surg job, versus wound care?

  1. 0 hello all,

    here is my story; i worked as a rn in europe for over 9 years on the surgical floor. i moved to the states and recently passed my nclex exam. after 5 months of searching and applying i had 2 interviews. one for med surg and one for hyperbaric/ wound care center at the same hospital. the wound care center is only affiliated with the hospital.

    the med surg position is 3 12 with working every other weekend day shift. pay is 27 to start. the wound care is monday thru friday 8 to 4:30 no weekends or holidays.

    i am more attracted to the wound care center but i am not sure if this company will do well in the future it just opened couple of years ago.

    i worked on the surgical floor in europe and i was excited that i was given the opportunity to work as a wound care center/hyperbaric in the states where you can see the healing process and also the technology that is constantly changes.

    if my first job will be wound care, would i be able to find a different job later, on a different specialty or i have to search for wound care only..
    any advice for my first job in the states would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you,