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Hi! My name is Lauri and I am thinking of pursuing an R.N degree. I have 10 years teaching experience and am interested in becoming a Nurse Educator. I have read the job descriptions and requirements... Read More

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    Quote from Pets to People
    They can hire you as a nurse educator if you have your BSN and are working on your MSN. I have an instructor in my program who is a BSN, has RN experience and is working towards her MSN. She teaches class and does clinicals, just as the other instructors do.

    Previous educational experience is a plus, I'd imagine, but I'm sure they would prefer it would be college level educational experience. At what level is your previous experience?
    It does vary. Legally in my state you must have a nursing degree above your students to teach in any capacity, so theoretically you could teach ADNs with a BSN. In realty though, even the ADN professors are MSN prepared with 25+ years of nursing experience.

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    I'm a nurse educator (MSN, EdD). Seems like this thread is focusing on teaching in terms of academic settings. If so, PP's are absolutely correct - MSN is entry level. Some schools will hire BSNs as clinical educators but only if they are actively engaged in obtaining their MSN. Anyone who is serious about a career in academia needs to shoot for a doctorate. We are approaching a critical shortage of (academic) nursing faculty, so if this is your goal, there are funding opportunities to help you achieve your grad degree.

    However, workplace teaching is a different sort of animal. I know of many very successful Directors of Nursing/Clinical Education (for various types of hospitals, health care systems) who are RNs with MEd's instead of MSNs. As a general rule, Masters is required for any senior-level educator position, and larger health care organizations prefer educators with terminal degrees (doctorate). Salaries for workplace educators are generally quite a bit higher than our colleagues in academia - but we don't have the security of tenure, so I guess it's all good.
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    Dear HouTex,
    Thank you so much for your response. I know so little about all of this and it sounds like you know quite a bit. It sounds like workplace teaching is what would fit for me with my education. What does "workplace" teaching typically look like, if there is a typical look..

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