1. Hi all,

    Decided to return to school. I've posted some other things here, mostly regarding incompetent supervisors, HRs with nothing between their ears but the latest "profiling" of candidate blank forms. My background is 18D, Special Forces Medical Sergeant, (18 years), currently and ACLS / PALS certified LPN. Decided to head to a new degree. No, not for the money, not for the prestige of how many letters are after my name in a signature block.

    Talked to an admissions rep yesterday. I need ******* chemistry and english as well as the normal RN pre-reqs. I am published author (manuscript accepted without changes). Already have done A&P, but chemistry makes no sense.

    The ADRN program I think is going to end as everyone wants more and more paper on the wall, and 2 year programs even where I'm at, aren't meaning much.

    A BSN program for LPN to BSN is only 1 year more than the ADRN. Funding is not an issue.

    I want ot only work two fields. Emergency, trauma, and remote long term life support. (Mostly what SF medics do, RT trauma).

    With the cost of schools these days, and the fact wages are going down. It takes about 12-15 years to re-coup school costs.


    1. What would YOU do?

    2. I'm 54, is it worth 3 years of school? Or should i just look at it as a personal challenge and go to school?

    3. ADRN or BSN. Not interested in MSN as that's mostly management and teaching. I'm hands on and operationally oriented. A desk will never be for me.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
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  3. by   combat_medic84
    I'm in nursing school through Excelsior College getting my associates degree with plans on doing a bridge program to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Eventually I plan on trying out for a National Guard SF group and trying to go to selection (on the military side 18D is my ultimate goal). Anyways, I don't think getting your associates first is a bad idea. After working as a RN for a while you can see where you want to take your career. With you having been an 18D for 18 years I can imagine moving on to become a PA or NP would be right up your alley.