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I am considering a career change from law to nursing. I am a practicing attorney and am very unhappy in my current career. I am actually one of the lucky ones who did very well in law school and,... Read More

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    Maxvoca, just to give you some inspiration: I was in my early 40s when I started nursing school and finished my accelerated program a year later. I had a job offer on graduation day. My colleague graduated with me (not a lawyer) in her early 60s and was also hired on my floor, though a couple of months later since she sat on her application longer than I did. As for student loans, I put mine on deferment while I was in school, and tried to avoid thinking about it while I finished my BSN. Sacrifices were made for a greater good. Follow your heart. It's obviously not in law, mine wasn't either. And most important ... Those networking skills you may have learned in law school? Embrace them in nursing school, because you will be surprised how knowing people gets you working faster. Btw, also in the NYC metro area.

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