Job interview-- good or bad?

  1. 0 I recently had a job interview where the unit director seemed to be very interested in me. I contacted the career site using Facebook. For a prior job that I did not get they said "they have moved forward with other candidates." For the interview that I just had, they said "they are now moving forward with top candidates." Since there is only a 1 interview process and I only interviewed 2 days ago, should I take this as a good or a bad thing? Thanks for your advice.
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    Hard to tell, unless you call them it seems like your not in the consideration, but I always call after a week to get a feel for what's going on.
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    Did you find out if you were selected??
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    No idea yet. All i know is that they are still interviewing for the position and that there were a couple of openings. I REALLY want this job. It's been almost a week since my interview but I havent received a reference check email yet. I am not sure how long to wait for that?
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    It doesn't hurt to call.

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