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Hello all, I'm new on this site, and I also just started nursing school. I've been reading some of the posts about how bad nurses are treated and about the low pay, and all that sounds a bit... Read More

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    Well, you're probably not crazy. At least not yet. Nurse Anesth seems like a worthy and lucrative goal and I hope you do it. Stopping short of that goal? I wouldn't want to wish it on a dog. Being a "regular RN" is a thankless and burnout job. The reason for the "nursing shortage" is primarily the way nurses are treated. Many of us don't put up with it for long and get out of the field, regardless of the pay--usually low. By the way, according to the State of Florida website figures, the average hourly wage for Florida RNs is between $17 and $18/hour. Nurse Anesth pay might be worthwhile, plus you have a lot more independence and can command a lot more respect.
    Best wishes.
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    crazy, i think not! if it was just money, many would have left this profession a long time ago. welcome to the board!
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    welcome dave !

    be sure to read l.rae's post, excellent !!

    again, welcome and good luck !

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    There seems to be more than a few nurses who love to badmouth their own profession for any number of reasons. Some are justified, some are not. Like anything else, sometimes the negative stories get more press over the positive ones. I have been a "male" nurse for almost 30 years and I knew going in that I would have to work every other weekend, work 50% of the holidays, rotate shiftsand have my off time dictated by the needs of the floor. I also knew that everyone, everyone thinks they're underpayed no matter what the job. I started out at $4.00/hr. Some of us are called to be nurses and some choose it for themselves. Whichever one you are, know that if you continue to maintain your high ideals (in spite of the nursing shortage) and you give your patients 150% every day, you'll get more out of it than you put in.(And I don't mean burnout).
    Nursing has and will always be a high stress but an immensely
    rewarding profession. However, the altruism of past generations of nurses seems to have given way to the "What's in it for me" attitude. That's not all bad as nursing as a profession finds its voice. But too much of it in the workplace can be bad and I see the change in the priorities of the nursing students on our floor.
    In conclusion, yes I would do it all over again in a heart beat and I'm very jealous of you as you are just starting out.
    Good luck, Dave. So 'em whatcha got!
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    Well everyone has seemed to cover my thoughts etc but anyways welcome to the board Dave.

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