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I really want to get philosophical here! I have pondered this many times during my 20+ nursing career, but have never come to a full understanding of it. Seeing nursing as a calling is like seeing it as some sort of divine... Read More

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    Way to go Larry! Look, Florence is waving her lamp at you. She is very pleased with you. We are too. Your patients must feel very secure with your presence.Thanks for sharing such a fantastic story. Don't you love it when you prove your instructors wrong.

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    Originally posted by fiestynurse
    I really want to get philosophical here! I have pondered this many times during my 20+ nursing career, but have never come to a full understanding of it. Seeing nursing as a calling is like seeing it as some sort of divine mission. Has God called us to this profession? Is there some spiritual influence in our decisions to become nurses?Is it like joining a nunnery? A nursing hat is somewhat like the hats that the old nuns use to wear. Are we angels of mercy?
    Or is all this just Patriarchal bu--s--t!
    A way to keep us in our places? Is this part of the reason why we feel guilt at asking for more money or better working conditions? Are we suppose to suffer because we are doing
    God's work?
    I believe nursing is a calling; however, it also requires someone with a compassionate, kind heart and an even-tempered person.
    Nurses can stand up for themselves without swearing, yelling, or walking out on their patients. After all it's not the patient's fault if a doctor yells at a nurse and they [the patients] deserve the best possible care we can give them regardless of how we as nurses feel. I've only been a RN for 3 years, but I wouldn't change my career choice for "all the money in the world" because I chose nursing as my career after I was married and had two small children. I have "sacrificed" four years of my and my family's life to achieve this career and I truly find nursing rewarding. It's a good feeling to leave work knowing that you had a hand in making someone else feel better; not only physically but psychologically as well!! So yes nursing is a calling; it is a special person who can touch someone's life and provide the person with a sense of self-worth, as well as, the nurse themself. Maybe if nurses were required to wear white uniforms to distinguish them from other hospital staff; white signifies "purity" and a sense of "unity" in nurses and that's what the career of nursing needs; UNITY!!! So next time a nurse seems "downtrodden" and "just wants to quit" think back to the first and foremost you wanted to become a nurse; was it just to "help others?" or was it because "it was the only career choice at the time?" or maybe you chose nursing because it was born of sincere desire to make a difference in someone's life and allow them to see their own self-worth.
    NURSING! It's not just a career, it's an adventure!

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    it was not a calling for me. my mom just told me to do something and i really had no guiadance counselor in school. i knew i didn't want to be a teacher, lawyer. or doctor and i really didn't know any other options. i was from a very small town and most people went to work at some small place in town. at my moms suggestion i went to the local college to enroll in nursing and there were no openings in either the lpn or rn--i was too late. then they called me and said they had an opening in tne lpn program. one of my friends i graduated with was killed in an auto accident and the spot was open. if i could go back now i would do something besides nursing.i didn't have the info i should have to make the decision. i would love to work for the aspca. animals are my calling.
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    My first thought when I saw the title of this thread was: "It's a calling alright; right now it's a-calling me to do an extra shift!"

    Then I realized it was a serious discussion....

    I'll get back to you!
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    I thought this should go to the top and hopefully get revived.

    Is nursing a calling?......

    I am not sure, the last 2 weeks have been very tough at work. Emotionally and mentally and always physically.....I have been asking myself ..
    Do I do this RN thing because I am really good at it and it is where I am "suppose to be?" or do I do this because it is always what I have done,,,
    (take care of others) Or is it because I really didn't type well and wanted to wear comfortable shoes......

    I have gone back and forth on this many times, have slept on it and still am wondering.
    Are we suppose to keep on working when we are not seemingly getting a valued response from our administrators? Is it enough that I know I am good and my patients would tell me if they could only remember their ICU stay? I just am not sure, how much should a person or profession take before making a change?

    Is staying and hanging in there good or should I too "jump ship" and be a "free agent" like so many of my co-workers are doing, going with agency work or now going prn at my hosp. and makes much, much more........hummmmmmmmmmmm

    Or should I just get on antidepressants like most of my co-workers and not even think about it!

    I sure don't have an answer only more questions....hope I can figure it out soon............imaRN
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    Well, this has certainly been an incredible discussion. The next time that someone throws-out that "nursing is a calling" statement to me, I am going to have a much broader understanding of what that really means for nurses.
    ImaRN, you sound like me about 6-7 years ago. Your statement about not being able to type and wanting to wear comfortable shoes really cracked me up. I can't believe how funny some of you are! And "prnenrs", what can I say? LOL

    The comment about many nurses being on anti-depressants really saddened me. Obviously something is terribly wrong when we have so many in our profession depressed, angry, and burnt-out. We really have to remember to be there for each other. That's why I love this BB and am glad that I found it. By the way, I was one of those nurses on anti-depressants. I don't know why I feel so much shame in saying that. I am much better now, but mostly because I had so many fellow nurses to help me.
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    It all depends on how my day at work has gone. If it's been a hectic day with lots of paper work, borrowing equipment, managing resources I'd have to say it's a job like any other were your training and skill see you through the day. But on another day were the day is emotional, dealing with grief, tragic circumstances than why would I subject myself to that for the poor wages? I believe it is a handfull of both.

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