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  1. So this comming summer i will be the first in my family attending college, and I absolutely know i want to become a nurse. (APRN) But my problem is that i dont know where to start. I dont have a lot of financial support, but i want something that will prepare me for the workforce and that is quick.
    I was thinking of attending my community college here in Jacksonville, Fl for my associate, then try to get into a fast track accredited university to become an APRN since this would help me save up.

    I'm considering Everest, since it is an accredited university (not only a technical school) and much faster.
    -Is this a good idea or not?
    But Im worried this might hinder my opportunities of getting a job.-
    Does it matter where i go to school at???
    -Do employers really care or do they just look at my diploma?-
    What are your recommendations?.... I really want something fast, that will prepare me and ofcourse cheap or affordable (for someone who is poor like me!!!..... And i dont know if its possible.
    -What are some strategies you recommend? (like starting school in one  place and switching to another if it helps save money)
    -What universities or colleges do you recommend if any?

    P.S I want to become a nurse because its something I've always dreamed of. The reason I want something fast is because based on my conditions I wont stay in the country for long. I will leave to the Dominican Republic, where my family is at. I just need something that will prepare me fast enough to get a good job to earn good money. The faster the better...... And again i repeat I REALLY WANT TO BECOME A NURSE!!!! Its my dream, but because of my situation, time and income really counts!!!!! The money is not everything because i really enjoy helping, and being around others but as stated, my conditions effect the amount of time i have to save up.

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