Interview Question..."tell me about yourself.."

  1. I will be interviewing this Monday and I am nervous. I will be graduating in May, and this will be my first RN job. I already work at this hospital PRN as an aide but none of the supervisors really know me because I only work the min 16 hrs per month required.

    Anyways, I am worried about the "tell me about yourself" question. What aspect should I talk about? Me PERSONALLY? School? Prior work experience?
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  3. by   llg
    Ask yourself these questions ... "What do I want her to know about me?" "What is it about me that will help me get this job?" Those are the things you should include in your answer.

    A lot of personal stuff is irrelevant (how many kids, hobbies, etc.) -- so don't waste time talking about that type of stuff. In fact, that general question is one way that applicants can hurt themselves by divulging too much about their personal lives. There are a lot of personal questions that interviewers are not allowed to ask -- but if the candidate brings it up herself in the interview, then it can be used against you in the selection process. For example, "I just got married and my husband and I want to have lots of kids right away," tells the interviewer that you will be taking lots of time off in the near future and may not be the best applicant for them to hire.

    Focus on the information relevant to the job. I would start by giving a basic introduction, "I have worked as an aid here on ___ unit for ___ years while going to nurisng school. I recently graduated and I hope to get my first RN position here because ____. I am particularly interested in ____ patients and I find the _____ aspect of nursing to be particularly satisfying. I think this job would give me the opportunity to do that kind of nursing and to continue to develop my nursing skills in that area. What else would you like to know?"

    Good luck,
  4. by   samaletta
    Thank you. That sounds like a great intro - I could really work with that! I really appreciate the info and help. Thanks!
  5. by   Sabby_NC
    Get out there Samaletta and sell yourself.
    I wish you a day full of confidence to go into that interview making THEM want YOU. Have a restful Sunday night.
    Have a spa or run a bubble bath. Endulge yourself with lovely lotions etc. Get a good nights sleep and be prepared to sweep them away with your confidence.
    Do let us know how you go ok?
  6. by   SweetVen
    gosh! i just got an interview last week and that was the first question they asked me. Gudluck to you
  7. by   deanna.wallace24
    That was an awesome answer thank you so much for sharing!!
  8. by   llg
    You're welcome. I hope it helps people.