Interview for LTC Facility in Kitchener

  1. So I have an interview with a Revera LTC facility tomorrow and I have never had a job interview since I graduated and kind of freaking out.

    Some of my main concerns are the types of questions they will be asking.

    Another would be that, this job requires me to move so far from home and live on my own for the very first time and I haven't a clue how much they will be paying me altogether. The Human Resource lady called me yesterday to set up the appointment and I felt that it would be a little rash that I'd ask for the pay rate right there and then.

    The website ads and I tried looking online does not state how much an RN job pays in their company. Can anyone please enlighten me in this subject because I want to be able to plan ahead if this job is right for me.
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  3. by   electricblack
    UPDATE: $25-26 for inexperienced RN and they're not under ONA
  4. by   joanna73
    New grads in ON now start between 30-31 an hour. I would go to the interview for practise, but continue to look for higher paying work. The pay cut is substantial.
  5. by   electricblack
    Thanks Joanna unfortunately am one of those OLD new grads I graduated at '11 and still have no experience
  6. by   electricblack
    Just to update that I did get an offer of full time hospital job under ONA and have been with my hospital for a month now. So far am lovin it.