Insight into State Oral Examination/Appraisal?

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    I am a newer RN in CA, and I recently applied to take the state's RN Examination. This is essentially an exam to be put on the "eligibility list" for state nursing jobs. It's not actually an application for a specific job. My challenge is, the "exam" is an oral qualifications appraisal interview. My struggle is, since it's not an application for a specific position, it's hard to zero in on specific information for review. They say it will cover nursing principles and techniques, medical terminology, hospital routine and equipment (all my experience is in home health) and meds/narcotics.

    Does anyone have any experience with these kinds of "exams"? Is it more of a behavioral interview or is it really an exam. The state bulletin says I need a 70% to pass, so I'm kind of at a loss knowing what to expect and how to prepare. Interviews make me nervous on best day, so I am trying to avoid a complete panic attack

    Many thanks!
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