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  1. Hi! I'm new here and hoping to get some advice from anyone who may be attending or has attended SWIC (Southwestern Illinois College.) I'm 37 and just started working on my pre-reqs. I know the program is fairly competitive and works on a point based system. I have some of the pre-reqs already completed since I have a Bachelor's Degree but need to retake the general courses (math, chem, biol.) My question is, what is the least amount of points one can get to ensure you get into the program? Since I'm an older student returning to school, I'm far more focused, personally, than I was during my previous school run but am so concerned that after taking an additional year to complete every pre-req and general ed. course and then waiting, I still won't be able to get into the program. Even after finishing all the gen. ed. courses with A's (feeling, I will still have two gen. ed. courses with C's from my first degree. It looks like based on the point info. I have, I will only gain 1 point by taking these course over with at least a B. Any advice?

    Thanks so much for your time. This site has become so valuable a source for me in planning my future and everyone seems so helpful and kind to those of us who are new. It is appreciated..greatly.
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