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  1. Hi, Everyone. A new VA clinic is being built in my town, and I am wondering what my chances are of getting a job there? At best, it would be a long road. I will explain.

    I graduated/obtained my LVN license in 1992. First job was at Texas Children's Hospital, on the Adolescent/Pulmonary Unit. I applied there, thinking it would not be babies, toddlers, and young kids... because at the time I had never even babysat! However, we got plenty of those too. After two years I desired a clinic setting, and moved home to my small town to work for an allergy/asthma specialist. I loved my job. The downside was that I lost many of my skills, working in such a limited setting.

    I have been home with my children for 10 years now. License is still current, though I wouldn't dare really try and work after this long. In my area, the only place for LVN's is nursing home or corrections, neither of which I want. But I think working in the outpatient VA setting would be a good thing. Probably enough variety that I would keep learning.

    If I were to take a nurse refresher, is there a chance they would hire me, as the equivalent of a new grad and.... older? If they did not hire me, at least with the refresher under my belt I would be comfortable working in any physicians office again, and might still look into inpatient or the occasional urgent care jobs I've seen around here.

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