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Ok, so I've been an RN for one year now, working as a float nurse in a busy urban pediatric hospital. At first, being a new grad, I was scared (poop)*less not only because I was new (and felt... Read More

  1. by   danielle9824
    Sounds like you're one of those people who would rather hate their job and make the patient suffer because of it - you suck in my opinion and I hope youre never my nurse!!!!
  2. by   danielle9824
    That was in response to the person that said suck it up because the wage is most important.
  3. by   mdrn1974
    I, like MommaRN86, have a passion for geriatrics. As far as the theory that being a CNA first may change the choice of career........No. I was a CNA for a few years before the journey to RN. Matter of fact, that is the reason I decided to become a nurse. I have been through the whirlwind of "I hate it"..."It's not that bad"...."I want to change careers"........But then I would come across patients (usually geriatric) that express great appreciation for us nurses. I always tell these patients, "Patients like you remind me of why I became a nurse." At 40 years old, I have worn many "nursing hats." Med/Surg (was even a charge nurse), Tele, ICU, Home Health, Travel Nursing, Agency, LTC, and LNC. After spending 4 years in a Nursing Home (first as the Wound Care Nurse, Medicare Nurse, then ADON), I returned to the Home Health world and realized that the on-call & mileage was why I left that field before, but I tried it again because of my love for geriatrics (Geri-Psych certified). At that point, I decided to go a whole other route.......LNC at a LARGE malpractice law firm. Day after day, I felt as though the 4 walls were my only friends and my butt was becoming chair disgruntled. Not to mention, I soon realized, Doctors and Attorneys had a lot in common. (I'll leave it at that ). On the few occasions that I got to go out the Nursing Homes to interview staff about a case, I would interact with the patients. I began to realize, again, why I went into nursing. I am currently pursing my NP with a certification in Geriatrics and have recently been hired on at the VA Community Living Center (aka Nursing Home). When I worked Home Health, I really enjoyed visits with our Veterans in their homes. I enjoyed listening to their stories and experiences and always made it a point to express my gratitude for their service to our country. I have prayed A LOT about my career and decided to let "Jesus take the wheel" (as the song says). I began pursuing my NP and returned to agency work. I really had not thought much about the VA, as it had been a while since I applied for the position. Then, out of the blue, I received a call for an interview. Three months of rigorous paperwork, reference checking, physical, vetpro, etc............I begin a new journey. The opportunity with the VA will allow me to move up once I complete my NP, while continuing to receive great benefits and moving towards a decent retirement, one day. Not to mention, I have the opportunity to care for Veterans who have shown great loyalty to our country and deserve to know how grateful we are. So, before anyone decides to throw away a hard earned nursing degree, just think of the MANY career choices nurses have. Nursing is one of the only professions that has such flexibility. There are so many opportunities in and out of patient care available to us, and we have worked so hard to get to where we are!!!