I need some advice on my new job.

  1. Hello Once again, I am pretty much a Brand new lucky nurse. If I can use that phrase....lol

    I have been working at this present place of work as a Cna for 2yrs and just after 3months i decided to start school at the same time, its been rocky, ups and downs with my fellow then Cna's.

    Now at exactly 2yrs and 5mths i finished and passed my boards first time for the LPN, and my boss has decided to hire me.....

    First I was very shocked that she would hire me after all my tons of right ups and at one point got fired, then re hired les than 24hrs...yes im not kidding.

    To everyone's amazement. But I decided to stay away from the hot heads and focus on why im there in the first place, I kept off and out of trouble up until I finished and passed my exams and now my boss said I needed a second chance she would hire me.

    So i need advice/opinion as to if I should accept the job offer or to run, bearing in mind that these same people are still there and are going to be jealous, which is already manifesting and try to want to get me in trouble if I make any mistake.

    They tend to not cover for you in anything, eg: you went on break and returned 10-15mins late, they report right away. Stuff like that dont bother me anymore because i will now be their supervisor, but what bothers me is them either will try using a resident to taunt me or some other ways. Im still working as a Cna pending the end of this schedule which will be sept 1st and my boss who's now on vacation will return on the 4th. Has scheduled for me to start my orientation on the 5th....

    I have been reading about people's job hunt and endless wait time this will be an opportunity for me to get some experience under my belt and then move on, but how can I best manage my sanity, and not loose it with those low level, gossip monsters and cliques we have waiting to devour me...lol

    Thanks for your candid advice in advance.
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  3. by   StillsmilingRN
    1st of all, reading this post, it sounds very childish of what may have happened with your co-workers, for the example u gave. 2nd if its simple things as they turn u in for being late, in my opinion unless you have a good excuse to your supervisor u should have consequences for that. As an LPN u carry a lot of responsibility. Everyone in society looks up to you as a PROFESSIONAL. Do you consider someone professional if they are late? I do not unless they give a good reason why they are late.

    Also, you shouldn't worry about what others think of you, do your job to the best of YOUR ability and keep an open door with your supervisor. If you feel something is going to hinder ur performance you need to be professional enough to talk to your supervisor about that problem.

    If you really feel they are going to give you such a hard time and try to get you fired, see if you can work on a different floor/wing so you are not directly supervising them. In my opinion it is not good to move up the chain that you will be in charge of people who u have become friends with when you were at that level (CNA). It's best to move to a different area and become a supervisor of people u are not friends with or do not have a problematic history.