I need help with this decision!!!

  1. Hello!!

    I will get right to the issue here.

    I have a business managment degree and am now working on my Bachelors degree which is in Health Care Administration/Managment. I have always wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse and have made my mind up that this is my main goal at this point. My question is; do I continue on with my Bachelors degree and finish before starting nursing school? I will finish this degree in August of 2012 which will put me starting nursing school hopefully in the fall of 2012. Or, should I drop it and start nursing school this fall?

    Also, for any labor and delivery nurses out there, how do I go about doing all of this? As you can see, i'm a little confused right now!!
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  3. by   opossum
    I would say go to nursing school THIS fall, unless you're sure you can get in the following year. I don't know where you live, but where I am it's difficult to get into a nursing program!