I lost my first nursing job I worked there 6 months.

  1. The skilled nursing facility got a J tag and all of a sudden there was micro management
    everywhere.I was working graves and the ADON was calling me when I was sleeping. She wrote me up for things that were untrue i was shocked. I felt like she was targeting me. Cooperate flew in from California. to make a long story short I became overwhelmed it felt like every move I made was a mistake. I tried to be a part of the team and worked hard to help including overtime then I did make mistakes had the ADON scream at me lost my confidence and couldn't seem to get grounded.I have a reference from an ADON on the other hall I worked on he was a very supportive manager I just happened to move halls when all this happened. I need a job and this reference when employers call references can i just use the ADON help. I know I am a good nurse just let the pressure get to me. Advice
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