How to Land a Job Out of State?? How to Land a Job Out of State?? | allnurses

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How to Land a Job Out of State??

  1. 0 Hello All,

    I just joined up and I seriously need help. I am nearing my wits end. I got my BSN license in June of 2011 after being an LPN for 7 years. While finishing up my BSN I started working in the OB/GYN clinic at a hospital and soon got promoted to the Mom/Baby Unit where I have been for over a year now. So I have almost 2 years of hospital experience - but as an LPN - and I cannot land a position to get my RN career started.

    I am fully aware that it is harder to get a job out of state, but I am an excellent nurse and I feel I have more to offer than many new grads.

    So, I am looking for any techniques, tricks, gimmicks, whatever someone has used successfully to land a job at a hospital in another state - especially if anyone can help with getting one in Charleston, SC which is where I will find one.

    I am completely clear in every letter that there is very little risk in hiring me and that I will move and start immediately if needed.

    I have and do the job boards, career sites, am using Facebook to network, called the staff at the hospitals, even flew down there and tried to meet in person. I will do whatever it takes to land a job in Charleston, SC.

    So, please help a new BSN get that first job...