How to gain experience?

  1. I am a recent grad and have been working now for about 7 months. When I got out of school I had a hard time finding a job and took the first full time job I was offered. I now work in a small psych hospital and work nights. My shifts are slow and I don't feel like I am gaining much experience. I want to work in a hospital and really would like to work in the OR or the ER; problem is that most these jobs want 2 or more years experience. I get discouraged and feel like I will forever be stuck in psych nursing. Please help me come up with ideas how I can better my resume and increase my chances of getting hired at a hospital. I have thought of taking a PALS class and have searched for ACLS classes without success. Thank you for your suggestions.
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  3. by   llg
    What about doing some volunteer work? Also, I'd recommend networking by getting involved in some local nursing organization where you might meet people who work in the hospitals that interest you and who could write you letter of recommendation and/or introduction to the managers of the units that interest you.
  4. by   johnnynurse
    Thanks for the recommendations, I'll look into that.
  5. by   wlfwoman57
    Hi I am also a new RN grad a of Dec. I thought I would never get a hospital job or any job without experience. I actually got my idea from allnurses forum. I applied to a home health agency which also is affiliated with our local hospital. Now I have a job doing private duty and getting paid well for it. Don't get me wrong I still want my med/surg time but ANY experience is still experience.
    Also I got my BLS renewed and my ACLS at the same time through a company called "critical concepts" and it doesn't hurt to also have your IV cert. either. It isn't cheap but it looks good on a resume' .
    Good luck and let us know how you do.