How do I shadow?

  1. Like many of you, I am thinking of a career change to nursing.

    I've decided to take people up on their suggestion of shadowing a nurse for a day (which is a great idea...I wish they had this for every career), but how do I do this? Are there organizations that do it? Do I call hospitals or see if schools will set me up with this?

    I'm in NYC. If anyone has any suggestions of places I can call, please let me know!

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  3. by   Crystal J
    I called the HR department of a local hospital and asked if they would let me, they said that was fine, I just wasn't allowed to "help" - just watch. I am just waiting on a date!!!


    Crystal J.
  4. by   2banurse
    Are you currently attending school? Many colleges have career resource centers, such as mine, that have a list of different professions and contacts who are willing to have someone shadow them.

  5. by   llg
    I would call the Human Resource Departments of your local hospitals. They may refer you to their Nurse Recruiter.

    However, it is getting increasingly difficult to arrange for shadowing experiences these days -- so be prepared for the possibility that it might not be possible. Many hospitals that used to allow shadowing do not anymore. There is much more emphasis on protecting people's privacy than there used to be, along with some new laws that mandate that only people involved in a patient's care can have access to private information. That makes it very difficult for hospitals to allow "strangers off the street" to come in and observe patients receiving care.

    I hope everything works out for you,
  6. by   wildcard
    I got accepted to volunteer at my local hospital and they have a program that will basically let me shadow the nurse as well as make beds and take pulse, BP, and stuff like that. I will volunteer 4 hours a day one day a week for 6 months and get a lot of training with this hospital. At least that is how I interpreted what the director told me when I went for the interview.
    See if it might work out for you.
  7. by   proud2basn
    Go in & talk to the dean of nursing of the school you want to go to ( or in the case of our school the nursing admin. asst. Jaye handles everything, she is great!) and see if they can help you set something up. Most times a lot of hospitals are in touch with them, and they are dying for fresh grads! They will do anything to get their foot in the door with students! In the spring our entire Student Nurses Club is doing a job shadow ( different nurses, of course)! Hope this helps!