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Hospital VS Doctors Office

  1. 0 I currently work at a Doctors office and I do love it: its 8-4:30 MON-FRI with holidays and weekends off, however I recently became an RN and was offered a position at the nearby hospital. I feel like I should go to the hospital because I will actually learn things and put my skills to use, only work 3 days per week (3 12hour shifts) and If I have to work holidays, Ill at least be getting paid time and a half for it.

    Most people see the Doctors office as a dream job but-if you have a doctors appointment or court or anything like that, you have to take time off or leave early and you get no time and a half for holidays because of course, the office is closed. Lastly you have to work 5 consecutive days per week.

    Which is better? Which is worse?
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    I am in the opposite position as you...
    I've been a RN for 10 months, and I've been working full-time 12-hour night shifts in an ICU. This includes every other weekend and holidays. I started out loving my job, but it's getting old. I feel like I'm the only one at work who doesn't mind being put on-call. I don't have a car or house note to pay, so I'm not dying to make as much money as I can.
    The pay is nice, but I feel like work is my life. Like I'm missing out on lots of family and friend time. I live with my fiance` and we don't see each other much because of our schedules. I feel like a normal day job and normal sleep schedule like everyone else would make me a lot happier.
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    I can imagine feeling like that working night shift....I would be working days. How often do you have to be on call? The reason why I am thinking about going to the hospital is because I too want to spend more time with my family and kids. Working 5 days per week by the time I get home I'm tired and everything has to wait until the weekend
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    Yeah, I guess days would be somewhat better, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to work day shifts because they are much more hectic on our unit.
    I am usually put on call about once or twice a month. But it feels like the unit is either full of patients and under-staffed, or there are 4 patients and we're on call. Plus I live about an hour away (it's the closest hospital to my house), so that puts me leaving home at 5:30, & getting home around 8.
    What do you find are the pros and cons of a Dr's office job?