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    I am in the process of upgrading my sciences to apply for a degree in nursing. Recently I have applied for the Practical Nursing program but seeing as my marks are not completed and given the competition, I'm not counting on getting acceptance this year. My educational background is in natural health care and holistic nutrition. I have thought about nursing for many years but have always seemed to talk myself out if it. Yet, here I am again still thinking about it. I'm wondering if anyone with a more holistic background has entered the field of nursing and what their experiences have been like? I worry that some of my beliefs would clash with the norm. However, I feel like there are many possibilities within this profession, outside of the hospitals. In the future I see myself working in an integrative community type clinic, where disease prevention and health education play key roles. I'm also interested in work with at risk youth, disaster relief abroad, school nursing, obstetrics among others.

    On a side note, I did get accepted into Humber's GAS program and I was curious, if it is worth doing or if I should just wait until all my upgrades are complete and apply? I am a mature student and I know that even if your marks are great, you may still not get in.

    I welcome any advice and suggestions.

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