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  1. I am currently working as CTICU stepdown RN for 2 yrs now doing day shifts , been promised by my director to be able to work in CTICU once i had my 2 yr experience in stepdown. Unfortunately she hired a tele RN, whom she said has more experience than I do. Of course its upsetting but i realized maybe i need to prepare myself more for ICU. But while waiting for an opening in CTICU day shift , i am offered a night shift CCU position by a different hospital which is really close to my house. I am having a hard time to decide to if i will take it since I love my coworkers. Thinking about the money, of course the night shift is great. But how if i wont like working nights since i haven't tried working nights before.
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  3. by   NOLAdLPN
    It defiantly takes the right person to work night shifts. I have a friend who is a nurse but she's a night owl, she always stayed up at night and was late to class everyday when we were in school So the night shift was natural to her. I don't think I could have done it.
    Leaving co-workers is hard, you never know what type of new environment you might walk in to. It may be better pay or closer to home but what is your stress gonna be like? Hard choice, but I would never stay completely decided to a particular hospital, company, practice because the hard truth is, no matter how hard, long you worked for someone and dedicated yourself to them, the facility, the pts etc. that you are replaceable and that is the way they will treat you. Not that they don't appreciate you but it's just the honest truth. You have to do what's best for YOU. Good luck!
  4. by   sweet_nurse013
    thank you for the advice. I decided today and took the CCU job offer. I am so excited. Tho i know i have lots of adjustment to make, I can't wait for the new learning experience, new people and new environment.