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Hi! I have been seriously considering going to nursing school. I have an undergraduate in Psychology and I am a very compassionate person. The only thing is I am more English/verbal than... Read More

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    Errors are the biggest drawback to nursing in my opinion. We're only human and as humans we make mistakes. Unfortunately it can be devastating not only to the patient but to ourselves. The thing is - it's us humans that must do the job, imperfect though we are. I think the best we can do is support and help each other, especially those who are newer to the field and more inexperienced. We should never look down on the new nurse, never impose our judgment that they should be able to do whatever it is without help, etc. If the newer, less experienced nurse needs help, especially in specialty areas and we should give it willingly to help the entire profession, and most importantly the patients. We should boost her/his self esteem and help her/him feel confident by gaining these skills under more experienced mentors. Too often the veteran nurse has an attitude and help is not freely offered or given. Then add to that the new nurse feeling like she/he should know it all but maybe a bit overwhelmed and afraid to ask for the help needed (or maybe not even recognizing when help would be good). If a good mentor is readily available and friendly, everyone will benefit, and especially patients. There's no room in nursing for arrogance, backstabbing or snobbery.

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    If you are a compassionate person, don't let poor math skills prevent you for entering nursing.

    There are many safeguards in place. And there are always other nurses & pharmacy to help you verify dosages.
    It's like woodworking..."measure twice, cut once." In nursing, get 2 other people to verify with you. At one facility, heparin drips are verified with another nurse and with pharmacy.

    Nursing is a wonderful choice. My son just turned 18 and he has chosen to enter nursing. I am so proud of him!

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    Does fear of getting into a car accident keep you from driving?
    You can't let fear rule your life. If nursing is something that you want to do than go for it......
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    Oh this is exactly what I'm worried about!!! I'm hoping to start my nursing degree this autumn and this is my biggest fear. I'm still going to go for it though and you should too!

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    The only time you have to worry about med errors is if your facility doesn't like you. Then they'll use it as an excuse to get rid of you or write you up until you quit. Meanwhile, you'll see error after error committed by others that are covered up, or they will blame another employee they don't like that had nothing to do with the error. I have seen these things happern repeatedly in patterned fashion. I have never seen anything happen to anyone that just made an error. Usually a facility goes after employees they want to get rid of for another reason, independent of the error(s), such as being vocal about other issues, complaining about short-staffing, etc. This way, they rid themselves of "problem" employees. Be sincere, passive, and don't gossip about other nurses and you won't have a problem.

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