Extreme difficulties for Experienced Nurses to find a job in San Diego | allnurses

Extreme difficulties for Experienced Nurses to find a job in San Diego

  1. 0 Hey! How many of you RN's (seasoned and new grads) are having difficulties finding a job in San Diego? Long gone are the days of when travelers had an easy time finding work. When I was a new grad 7 years ago, I could walk into basically any job and receive an offer. As times change, so did my goals for my career and my employer and I have parted ways. Looking for a new job is like the old tale of Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the hill. Sure, the interviews come often, but this "mountain of candidates" all competing for one or two positions makes it more difficult each day to stay positive and optimistic. Honestly, this competition feels like when they show auditions at the beginning of each season on American Idol. I don't want to come off as sounding too negative, because nursing is a great field with a lot of opportunity! That was why I chose it and why I try to think that I will eventually find a job. In the meantime, I cross my fingers and pray that I will not have my house foreclosed on. If you have found a job or if you have a great job already, you are very lucky!
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    Wow~ I agree. I am having a hard time even getting a call or interview. Everything is all pending. Scripps hospital at least sent an e-mail stating they already found someone that has more of the preferred qualifications for the positions. The others are all waiting games. I feel so discouraged especially now that I am pressured to find a job so I can pay for my student loans and provide for my 4 month old

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