Experienced med/surg RN looking to train in ICU

  1. I have 1.5 years experience as a med/surg, telemetry RN and am looking for ICU training positions. I just finished a critical care course comprising 60 credit hours. Are there any hospitals that will train straight into ICU? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area but am willing to relocate. My current hospital is severely lacking on training opportunities. Thanks for the input.
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  3. by   bebbercorn
    I think it just depends on the hospital. My very first job as an RN was being hired as one of six nurse interns (4 of us new grad, 2 with limited M/S experience) that would eventually go to ICU or PCU. They trained us for everything including ECCO, it was an awesome experience!
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    If you're wiling to relocate to Philadelphia and work at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (ranked #1 children's hospital in US) the PICU will train you to work in ICU. (or NICU....but I work in the PICU so that's what I know the most about). Since you are experienced you would undergo a 12 week intensive training orientation and be assigned a preceptor for that time. You would attend supplemental classes and become PALS certified as well.