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ED job opening

  1. 0 Hey all!

    I need some help. I am currently working in a telemetry unit of a Boston inner city hospital as a CNA. I love it there. I have been working as a CNA for about 3 years now. I am also in nursing school (18 more months left). I am also doing a minor in Public Health. I have also traveled with nurses and drs to assist them in Guatemala, and have had the opportunity to assist a dr in his clinics in India. I am dying to get into the ED (want to get a dual MPH and NP in trauma nursing) and do a lot of travel nursing to different countries.
    Recently a per diem job opened up in the ED of my hospital. I was so excited. I desperately want to apply but it asks for previous Emergency Room experience. I was only down in the ED once when I was floated for one shift. I loved it, but that is all I have for ED experience. I also spoke with a couple of nurses that I work with that know I want to get into the ED and are writing me letters of recommendation. Other nurses have said that it would help to know somebody down there, which I don't. I got my resume from HR so I could update it, and it looks like a mess to me. I don't know what I should put on it for education (this is my first degree and I have all the prereqs and classes for the Public Health minor, and Nursing Research, but am starting the clinical nursing classes in Sept.) Should I put the classes that I have down? Should I also put my travel experiences? (The India trip was with school but wasn't for nursing, just something I got to do apart from the group). Do I put CPR Certifications? Should I go down and try to talk to the nurse manager even though I have never met her? Seeing as how I already work at the hospital, do I still need letters of recommendation? A cover letter? I've never applied to a job internally, in case that wasn't obvious! Should I get letters of recommendation from professors?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!