CRNA or NP or other Master's degree in nursing for NY state CRNA or NP or other Master's degree in nursing for NY state | allnurses

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CRNA or NP or other Master's degree in nursing for NY state

  1. 0 Hi,

    This is my first post in and I am looking for advice in advancing my nursing career. I live in NY, I have 5 years of experience in MICU and SICU (we have a mixed unit), a year and some change on the med/surg floor. I also have my CCRN.

    I like working in the ICU because I make a big difference in people's lives. I sometimes see my work's results immediately. There is a constant learning process and I get to see a variety of cases. I don't mind the high stress environment (for now, I am 28 and single). I want to go back to school to advance my career, to be more marketable in the future, challenge myself and as i have said, I have no other obligations as of now.

    I know being a CRNA would possibly be right up my ally but I know it's grueling work, very competitive and I would have to stop working in the unit. Financially- I still help my mom out because she is a single mom of 4. The amount of responsibility in being a CRNA is immense and I am very intimidated. But then again, that is what the grueling amount of school work is for.

    I have also considered Family NP since I have the experience I need and I can continue working while in school. But will it be a challenge for me? Any NPs out there that can give me a little insight about being one? Don't think I am a management type of person because I am sensitive and shy.

    I am still young and I kind of want to jump into things but not regret it.

    Advice and insights would be greatly appreciated, thank you!