Criminal conviction and hiring processs

  1. So, I graduated, passed my NCLEX at 75 questions and got my first job interview today on a med/surgery/tele/trauma floor in HCAs health Care system. The job is perfect for me as a new nurse and everyone I interacted with on the unit was wonderful.

    My issue is that 6 years ago I went to a party in an abandoned structure (I think an old shed or tobacco barn) when I was 3 months into being 18 years old. Long story short, the previous owner of the building had been deceased for a few years and the property was transferred to the state. So, the next day the mom of the son who through the birthday party called the police and told them what had happened and me and several other teens got trespassing and property damage charges (misdemeanor)

    I just got a call from the hospital giving me an offer for the floor I interviewed for. I want to type up a page or so document detailing the events so that I can be the one they hear it from, not let a criminal record chart tell the story. I was planning on going in tomorrow afternoon and giving the letter to the hiring manager I interviewed with. Is this a bad idea or should I wait until I go in for the background check to let them know? I want to be upfront and honest with my employer, I just want to take feedback from others to get an outside prospective.
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