Completely messed up application

  1. I am a soon to be new grad applying for jobs. I recently had an interview with a recruiter but after the interview, I realized that I forgot to list an old job on my application. I emailed them about it and they said no big deal. Now, two days later, I was having a gut feeling that I may have listed the wrong dates for another job. I wasn't totally sure but I was really worried. So now I've emailed them again to verify the dates. I know it looks TERRIBLE and I offered in the email to just resubmit a new application. I'm really just looking to see how bad people think it is.
    I was was suppose to contact them again next month to set up opportunities to shadow on some units I may be interested it but now I'm worried that they just won't respond. Did I just let my worries mess up my opportunities with this hospital for the foreseeable future?
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  3. by   AnOldsterRN
    I don't think you messed up your opportunities at all. I think many of us really confused about exact dates of previous employment on application. After 20+ years, I simply put month and year and tell them I'm not sure of exact dates going many years back.

    I doubt they believe that you were trying to deceive them, especially since you are emailing trying to correct. Recruiters (as opposed applying straight to an employer) are there to help you find a job, which helps them fill a need. They're there to help. Best of luck!