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Choosing nursing as a career???

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  2. 0 Frankly No, I was relieved when my offspring did not want to do Nursing. I know the pitfalls, and the long hours, the miles one walks in a day, the shortage problem, and I did not want that for anyone of mine. I have 3 sisters who are nurses, and I loved nursing and still do although retired. But I would not want that way of life, killing herself slowly, for her.But I would do it all over again.Strange how and why I feel that way. If you visit, you will find, if you click Nfld.stories on the left, a list of my writings. One of them is called 'A CAREER CHOICE MADE EASY THE HARD WAY'--that is my story.It was always my dream and I am glad I lived it. But it took a terrible toll on my health. It was so difficult to retire at the age of 51 in spite of everyone telling me how fortunate I was to be able to do so. And I missed it terribly for awhile, however I did regain health, and moved on to other ways of, caring for my parents and supporting the three sisters I still have in the profession.Do no Harm, always my nursing pledge. It is a difficult profession but a rewarding one as well.