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CHOC RN Residency 2013

  1. 2 Has anyone applied yet. Im so nervous and that application was so long. I chose PICU as the unit I want to work on. Hope I will be called for an interview. I graduate june 2013 idk if I will even be considered. Anyhow lets support each other
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    Good luck, I applied for PICU too
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    Quote from oh.hello
    Good luck, I applied for PICU too
    We can do this hope they call for interviews soon
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    Just wondering.. I got an email today that my application is 'moving along' to managers who will the select for interviews. Does everyone who meets the requirements get this email? Thanks!
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    I got the same email today too! I'm not sure but it's good news! I picked the Medical floor.
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    Hey Everyone, I applied as well and I also received the email. Good Luck to all!
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    Hey guys! I applied for the NICU and recieved the email yesterday. Crossing my fingers!!
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    Just curious if anyone who listed Oncology as their unit choice received this email? I didn't receive it and am getting nervous! Also, when did you apply? I applied on April 5th, but I noticed that they re-posted the residency on April 9th - curious as to why?
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    I applied PICU and no email im nervous too... congrats and good luck to those who got emails
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    When did you apply missnurse18? I haven't received an email yet.
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    Hi everyone I applied for the MedSurg floor and no email yet :/. Best of luck to those who have received an email. Would you mind sharing what the title of the email is? Also are you guys from California? I am currently living in Chicago IL.
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    Its frustrating from my understanding there is a new link online as In the job iD is different hurry and go apply I just got the email below I reapplied last night

    Congratulations!* We wanted to let you know that you have been selected to continue in the candidate review process for CHOC
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    CRNA2b-2017 Thank you so much for the heads-up! I just re-applied as well. I wondered why they had reposted it. I did notice that Oncology is not listed as a specialty unit anymore which I am bummed about.