Chicago New Grad - The Interview to Offer Process?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am a new grad nurse seeking employment in Chicago. I graduated from DePaul 2 months ago. So far, I have had three interviews, at Northwestern, RIC, and Saint Mary's. First of all, if anyone out there would like any information from me about the interview process at these hospitals, I would be happy to help!

    I am posting this message because I am now playing the waiting game and I am hoping that someone out there can share with me how long they waited from when they interviewed to when they were contacted by HR about an offer (or lack there of)? NMH told me it could be up to two weeks, which two weeks will be this Thursday.

    Any help as to the timeline of this process would be so greatly appreciated. I feel so lost not knowing when or if any of these prospects will work out:-(

    Thanks everyone!!
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  3. by   iurn86
    Hi there. I am a new grad and was recently asked for a phone interview at NMH. Can you give me some insight on the interview questions asked on the phone interview and the in person one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. by   ChellyBean
    Sorry but I am in the exact same spot as you are! How long did you end up waiting until you head back from someone?