Certification Suggestions?

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    As a new RN grad what certifications would you suggest to make me more desirable for hire?

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    What specialty do you want to work in?
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    I am interested in ER but I also find myself drawn to pediatrics
    Quote from slegarreta
    As a new RN grad what certifications would you suggest to make me more desirable for hire?
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    Things like the NIHSS are free to get and show the employer you are willing to continue your education. ACLS, PALS, NRP and TNCC are all things I've seen the employers asking for in ER postings; however, they can get expensive. Most hospitals are willing to pay for you to get them when you are hired.
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    EKG course
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    I was just about to post this same question, I graduated with my BSN in December 2012 and passed my state boards a couple of weeks ago. I was wondering if getting certifications prior to landing a position will help you, I am considering PALS, ACLS and a course on IVs; since my school did not teach us anything in regards to starting an IV. Will these be helpful on my resume and give me an advantage or is it a waste of money? I personally would love to land a job in critical care although I find it very difficult to as a new graduate. Thanks for any input and sorry slegarreta for jumping in on your post, I didn't want to start another one on the same exact topic.
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    Depends what you can afford. PALS and ACLS are big eye catchers but if you are able to land a job without them most employers will pay for these.
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    Thanks everyone for your suggestion. Now I will have to figure out what they all mean. I don't mind sharing my posts we are all in this together. Thanks again.
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    ACLS: advanced cardiac life support

    PALS: pediatric advanced life support
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    Is there anyone know how to get the 30 hours continue education on line to renew the lisence in California ?

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