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  1. Hello everyone. I have never contributed to a forum before and I'm not quite sure what to expect. But, here goes.
    I graduated from RN school in 1998 (Associate Degree). I began working one week after graduation in an ICU and continued for about two to three years off and on. I was an LPN prior to RN so I knew I didn't want to go into Med/Surg. I did some agency work in the ICU, Tele field for a while, thinking I could look for my nitch in nursing. I have worked in Psych, Endo, GYN/Oncology (and got certified in ONC), the emergency room for 4 years through an agency and now I am in the OR.
    That's my work history as an RN. I have also earned my BSN during this period. I really enjoy psych, but don't know what area's of that particular specialty would excite me the most. Here is my question.

    How do we, as nurses, in this vast and evolving field find the "right" place to settle into. I'd like to enjoy going to work each day and feel as though I have contributed something to someone oe something no matter how minute. Just learning something new during the day excites me. Any advise??
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