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I have been checking this site out but was so undecided about career transition. I would love to hear some nurses who was an accountant/business/corporate prior to their nursing career. I took all... Read More

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    Quote from neatnurse30
    I'm an RN for 6 years now. I honestly regret this decision to ever become a nurse as it is one of the most stressful jobs one could have. I would love to have a quiet office room/cubicle. Nursing, at least in the hospital setting, is very physically demanding as well as emotionally draining. As a nurse you have to deal with too many issues at ones, demanding patients and their family members, constant shortage of staff etc.You don't get a proper lunch break. I just quit my work in a hospital and don't plan to ever work as a bedsite care nurse- the money was good, but it is not worth the stress in the long term. Plus, hospitals don't usually have good benefits, and forget any bonuses! I started working in an outpatient setting as an infusion nurse- the job is still stressful, but somewhat better conditions. Overall, if I could choose again, I would become a pharmacist, or an accountant, or a banker. I'm just not young anymore, and don't want to go to school again to change my career.
    It is so good to hear someone who has actually made the career change tell the truth!!! It is not roses, and easy as many think it is. You have to really really love that type of environment. Looking at nursing programs, is nothing like actually working in the field. Smells, wounds one can stick your fist in,....just stuff. but Thank you "neatnurse". I wish more would step forward....

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    I have worked several years in both HR and Payroll positions while also having earned a Business degree. I have gone as far to work on MBA; however, it seems I can not move away from Payroll and honestly I hate my job. My first career choice had always been working in medical field so I have decided to start taking my prerequisites this fall. While I a bit nervous I know that it will be well worth it. I have talked to others that says that having business degrees will help find a nursing administrator position in the future. While a nursing position would be more physically demanding it would be something that would fulfill me because I would be helping others while also satisfying a dream/goal.
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    I'm moving into nursing after spending years in the Financial Services field...I'm probably going to attend the LPN program first to make sure I like it and I'm smart enough. I have a bachelors degree and have hated every minute of the business world...I tried to become a nurse in 2007 but due to financial reasons I couldn't do it. I was heartbroken...again plowed through the business world and became more and more depressed...

    Now I have the opportunity to attend school full time, too many people work in careers where they do not fit in-and are miserable. I look forward to my new journey but scared at the same time.
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    For those of you who understand the financial world, even if you don't like it much anymore, I STRONGLY urge you to look into long term care. LTC? That's right! As an MDS Coordinator!! You will be a HUGE asset to your employer and more importantly the residents in the facilities. Office job, M-F, no lifting, etc. :-)
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    [COLOR=#003366]neatnurse30: or any other nurses out there,

    Can you, or anyone, please expand on "good" money. As a prospective career changer with a family, I need to make sure that the pay will support my family.
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    Quote from jag47
    neatnurse30: or any other nurses out there,

    Can you, or anyone, please expand on "good" money. As a prospective career changer with a family, I need to make sure that the pay will support my family.
    Depends on the geographical locations. Some states pay more, but have a higher cost of living so it doesn't work out to too much more. Plus new grads are having more and more difficulty finding jobs. So hopefully you find a job quickly after school or are able to wait roughly 6 months-1 year for a job in those areas where new grads are flooding the region.

    I am finishing up nursing school, and I am beginning to wonder of it was the right choice because of how tight the job markets seem to be, because I realistically can't wait more than 2 months after graduation to land a job. Sini have my fingers crossed that my BSN looks great to potential employers and I can move forward with my career and not have any regrets.
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    In the NJ or Philadelphia area, does anyone know what the starting rate for a BSN graduate would be? How much does a nurse's rate increase after lets say 5 years?

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