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    Hey guys it is me again. Me with the many questions. I love reading your discussions and learning more and more everyday. You have answered all of my questions and I am hoping you will again.
    After reading some of your horror stories about nursing, I am not sure if this is something I want to do or not. I mean I have worked in the doctor's office and had to clean up everything imaginable. I handled it quite well. Blood, feces, vomit does not seem to bother me. Maybe my problem is I am just scared. Is that it?
    I know I do not want to go into Radiology. Cadiovascular does not have alot of job openings here. There is a ton of jobs for RN.
    Can anybody help me. Like I said is it just NERVES? I have done gone thru two years of school in 2000 for MA. Surely I can do it again....
    I am excitied about starting school the 26th...

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    I don't have any suggestions or answers for you sorry as I have no idea how things work over there but would like to wish you all the best anyways.


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