Can home care help me love nursing again?

  1. 0 I have been working n the hospital for the last couple of years and at this point I can stand proud and say I dislike NURSING. It is nothing like I thought it would be. The stress involved is overbearing. I feel as if no pay in the world is worth it. And I regret going into the field of ( wish they had a nurse emoticon with a sad face, lol)

    Any after expressing myself to nurses with 25+ years of experience they suggested looking for another place of employment. Maybe it isn't nursing. I could just the Management/Facility I am employed at.

    I am cosidering Home Care. Any advice? Anyone work for VNS? AMERICARE? MJHS?? In any nursng positions such as a coordinator of care, field nurse, nurse consultant etc?

    How is it working for any of the facilities above?

    I can handle the good and the bad, lol

    Also can you suggest some good home care companies?
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    have you thought about home health? You get to see up to eight patients a day (if it's a good agency) and work one on one for generally a 45 minute visit. It can include f/c, IV's, wound care, education etc. I worked home health for a few years and loved it. The driving was hard though, and sometimes I would feel overwhelmed if I had more then 8 patients a day.
    The paper work is rough but if you have good management skills after you learn the paperwork it's great. Also how about hospice?

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