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Hi everyone, It's been nearly one year on the med-surg floor at the VA. I will tell you that I am SO burnt out. I know I needed this year of experience, but with the high patient loads with each... Read More

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    My thoughts are school nursing or a doctors office. I find from your post the patient load, high death rate, and the hours are your biggest hurdle.

    School nursing, you'd be doing the same hours as your kids. You'd have all holidays off to be with them. BONUS! I know at my old school the school nurse was on a high school campus and all three of her children attended the school, so if ever they were sick, they would go to her, lay down til she got off work and then go home. (she had two children who were pretty sick kids, but managed to keep up with their coursework!)

    Then with a doctors office, most patients aren't dying in the office. The hours are usually 9-5, so no nights. You only see one patient at a time, and since they aren't usually on deaths door, you can see them as they come and go thru systematically without feeling overwhelmed by "room 2 needs this, rm 6 needs pain meds, rm 4 needs to toilet, rm 3 needs has been on the bedpan for 30 minutes, rm 1 is having trouble breathing, rm 5 has a new onset GI bleed since this morning - welcome to your morning shift!" ya know what I mean?

    Hope this helps!
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    Oh! Also try hospitals that still offer Baylor option. Basically weekends only. (Fri-Sat-Dun every weekend). My friend loves them and it's what keeps her going. She has someone to watch the kids on weekends. And that schedule never changes. She is paid less because she eats up a ton of differentials on weekend that other nurses won't have access to, but it equals out at the end of the pay period.

    She actually got a sign on bonus to do it. She is basically a stay at home mon during the week! maybe look into that too?
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    I left that position, and I avoid floor nursing altogether since then (it was a postop ortho unit that also treated the hospital's oncology population). I have been working as a psychiatric admissions nurse conducting face to face admissions, preadmission triage by phone, and reviewing cases from referring hospitals (many emergency rooms) to determine admission appropriateness for the facility. I do some care planning, insurance authorization, and inpatient treatment when necessary as well. I am actually trying to get a full time case management position right now as I work on my BSN and have an interview for that coming up!
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    Quote from Seas
    Wow. Was it med-surg that stressed you this much? Did EAP help you feel better about this job? And are you still there and coping better, or did you end up quitting?
    I answered your question about the job, but about EAP -- it did help me make the decision to take a leave of absence. In my case, I needed out asap. It was not going to work out for me in that environment. I had frankly become a HOT MESS very quickly. That was several years ago, and looking back it still kills me that I worked so hard to become a nurse for it to turn out that badly for me. It truly broke my heart, and to this day it still bothers me a bit that I don't feel able to work as a staff nurse on a hospital floor; but I took it as a learning experience and moved on to find something that works for me.

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