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Hi everyone, It's been nearly one year on the med-surg floor at the VA. I will tell you that I am SO burnt out. I know I needed this year of experience, but with the high patient loads with each... Read More

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    Quote from Seas
    Wow. Was it med-surg that stressed you this much? Did EAP help you feel better about this job? And are you still there and coping better, or did you end up quitting?
    I answered your question about the job, but about EAP -- it did help me make the decision to take a leave of absence. In my case, I needed out asap. It was not going to work out for me in that environment. I had frankly become a HOT MESS very quickly. That was several years ago, and looking back it still kills me that I worked so hard to become a nurse for it to turn out that badly for me. It truly broke my heart, and to this day it still bothers me a bit that I don't feel able to work as a staff nurse on a hospital floor; but I took it as a learning experience and moved on to find something that works for me.
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