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    I'm a fairly new RN, graduated in 2010, and have survived my first year of nursing on an Orthopedics unit. Although it is a wonderful environment for a new grad (joint replacements, so easy step by step protocols and routines, with medical and trauma patients thrown in to mix it up ), I'm growing tired of it. I've always been interested by critical care, especially emergency medicine due to my last rotation in nursing school. I love a challenge, and live for my RRTs (not for the patients, but for the learning experience and 'on top of my game' feeling it brings). So naturally, I would like to break into critical care. I'm planning on leaving the hospital I currently work at for personal reasons, so as I was looking for critical care positions I noticed that 99% of open positions require previous experience in critical care. If I can't get into a critical care area, I'll never get the experience and I won't be able to work there! Is there any other back doors I'm missing? I already have my ACLS certification (due to my own personal interest). In the meantime, I'm continuing to read texts on critical and emergency nursing, so if I can't work in it now, I'll be prepared for the future.
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