Being a nurse in the Civilian or Military world?? HELP!

  1. Hey guys,

    I am currently a junior in a BSN program. I have recently looked into becoming a nurse in either the Navy or Air Force because I want to serve my country, travel, benefit from all the benefits of joining the military, etc. I just really want some advice from people who have experienced life as both a Civilian nurse and as a Navy or Air Force nurse! Which did you prefer, and why? What are the work weeks like for both? I also heard that you will more than likely be put on a med-surg floor starting out (your first year as an RN) in the military. Is that true everywhere, and how long will you be working that floor (because med-surg is sadly, not where I really want to work, but if that's what I have to do, I will suck it up) ? Is the pay about the same in the military as it is in the civilian world? PLEASE give me some insight. Anything would be helpful! I truly appreciate you guys taking the time to respond. God bless.
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    Bumping this thread because i am also interested...