Are new grad positions in LA that hard to get?

  1. Hi! I am a 4th semester nursing school student about to graduate in May. I did grow up in Los Angeles and moved away from home for college, but I am hoping to get a job in LA after I graduate to be with my family.

    But my question is is the job market that tight in LA right now for new grads? I've been lurking around this website and all the comments I've seen suggest getting some experience first in a less competitive city and then maybe search for experienced nurse positions.

    If the market is indeed that tight, what would make a new grad candidate more competitive? (good grades, prior job experience, etc.?). To add a bit about myself, I went straight to get a BSN right out of high school so I have never had a full time job before. And I live in Atlanta right now.

    Thank you so much nurses! Keep doing all the amazing things you do!
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