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Hi everyone I'm new here and found this forumm as I was looking into nursing schools in my area. I was so relieved to find many people in situations similar to mine. I'm a 33 yr old single mom and have 9 yr old daughter. ... Read More

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    1. Should I apply to more than 1 school?
    --- absolutely. But do research into the different programs. Each school has a different "personality". (Nursing schools)
    ---- Prereq's can be completed at ANY community college. They are most likely to SAME as any university.

    2. How realistic is it to work fulltime and go to school?
    --- Only if necessary. The better you do in prereq's, the more you learn, and the better you'll do in nursing school. The science courses are very demanding. Most people fall flat on their b-tt, underestimating how much studying is involved.

    3. If it is not feasible to do both, do you have any suggestions on income opp's?
    ---- Community colleges are the cheapest. Books are the major expense, and since you wont' have that, you're very lucky.

    4. LPN or RN? Is it advisable to start as an LPN and test for RN later?
    --- LPN only to get working experience and make money WHILE GOING FOR YOUR RN. Schools will look very favorably on that experience.

    5. How long did it take to finish school?
    -- depends on how many classes you can complete each semester. DON'T OVERLOAD. Also, different schools have different pre-req's. There's the basic sciences (Chem, Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Microbiology. Some want organic chem and a few even want Physics). The other pre-req's vary but again, you'll usually see: English (1 to 2 semesters), Sociology, Math, Psychology (Intro and often Developmental Psych), some want Nutrition, too. has a comprehensive listing of nursing schools all over the country, with links to their websites. THe National League of Nursing is the main accrediting agency. You can find out the prereq's AND the nursing programs of each school, by going to the school's website.

    Good luck-
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    Go for the RN. You won't regret it, and I can tell you that I worked while I went to school at a boring, mind numbing secretary job too and realized that I was going nowhere fast. I had the advantage of having a degree already, but in Political Science b/c I wanted to go to law school. I had many of the prereq's already but had no science or math. School was difficult to manage in that it was time consuming, and my school was DISORGANIZED, but i did very well on boards. I worked part time in the ED/Critical care as a care tech and it made a huge difference.

    Don't let anything hold you back. And get your BSN; it's literally your ticket to a whole new career if you decide you do "hate nursing". There will be days and patients that drive you nuts, and you hate it; other times it's the most wonderful feeling in the world when someone kisses your cheek or tells you how kind you are; there will be days when you're hanging IV's or charting and just letting the tears run down your face...I've had them all!

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