Am I making the right choice?

  1. I want to get my cna and eventually go for my lpn. Currently I am about to start a medical assistant program. To make a long story short, I messed up in community college and failed out of a completely unrelated program offered by the school before i realized what i really wanted to do, and they won't let me come back for my cna unless I pay out of pocket which I can't afford right now. The career institute that's I might take the Ma course at is that only other school really in my area. I know there are a few nursing homes around here that give you free training for cna but, those classes won't start for quite sometime I'm told. I read countless times that Ma is a waste of time and money and it's hard to find a job. So my question is should I take the Ma course or wait for my CNA? I know what I want to do I'm just stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to get there. I don't want a position that is a joke to people. I just need some honest opinions really. Thank you.

    I hope I posted this in the appropriate place. Sorry if it's not.
    I posted this elsewhere too. I'm really in need of some advice
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