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  1. I am an RN that has many years in the hospital at various capacities (pt floor secretary, surgery office secretary, ICU tech/secretary, monitor tech and lastly 7 years as an SICU nurse.) I am getting back to nursing and want to get into home health nursing after a 5 year break. I have taken the RN refresher course, have my current license now and have taken my CPR cerification and a two day adult assessment class. I feel like my assessment and organizational skills are excellent. I admit that my documentation and written skills will need some work just because I have been out of it for some time. I am beginning the application process now. What kind of questions will the interview for these positions involve? How can I tell them that nursing is second nature to me and that I would be a great person on their team. I am just a bit nervous but excited and would appreciate any advice. Thanks....:spin:
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    Hi, MomthenRN,

    In response to your question- I have been a Nurse for over 19 years and (9) of those years were in Home Health. In which I currently practice part-time. It is good as in every speciality we're interested in pursuing to educate yourself. Ask your perspective Agencies/Employer questions in the interviewing process(e.g) Do you offer Inservices in the Oasis Process which details primarily the standards inwhich HH RN;s Practice as regulated by stateguidelines. Also, they will ask you have you or will you practice in the acute care setting to upgrade your skills; since alot of changes has occurred in the last (5) years. Try to have that in your plans to work Per-Diem to show your perspectives that you care enough to stay clinically abreast. Also, they will be truly impressed w/your background. W/alot of mentoring from the right HHRN you are what the HH industry needs confident experienced RN's who can act independently and make medical decisions on a dime w/minimal supervision. --Anyway reply a post if this helps I would be happy to assist more if needed.

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    Thank you for the helpful info. I did inteview with a home health agency and the nurse manager was a previous ICU nurse. She was very helpful and they even offered me a job! I could not do it due to the fact that there was WAY to much call involved. I left with a good impression and she did understand my limits. I understand that I will have to take some call but 46 hours of call a week is too much for me. You have opened my eyes! Thanks....:spin: