2 Months RN experience in SNF and applying for a new grad program.

  1. 0 Should I still include my clinical rotations in my resume? Also, if I do add clinical experience should I list skills performed under each clinical rotation? Please help!
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    I hope somebody will answer your question because I am in the same situation.
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    Hi! I'm also a new grad and I have been fortunate to go on 4 interviews so far since graduating. They included a new graduate internship program, a memory care center, a med-surg position and an assisted living center. All the interviewers knew I was a new grad and asked about my nursing school and clinical rotations.

    Q: Tell me about your nursing school and your clinical rotations.

    They also knew I graduated in the spring and asked where I have been working since then. (June through October!)

    So, I think you should definitely include your clinical rotations and your SNF experience. Any experience is good experience, I think. Make it positive! Don't make the mistake that I made and mention anything negative. They asked if I had ever felt overwhelmed and I told them I felt overwhelmed when working as an aide in a nursing home w/ a patient load of 8 and I noticed they looked at each other and raised their eyebrows. Not good. I tried to cover my tracks and say that I had high standards of care and I just wasn't able to provide the care that the residents deserved... but the damage had been done. Ooops.

    Good luck job-searching. I'm job-searching too.

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