Prospective U of Ballarat student from the US!

  1. [color=#6a6a6a]hi everyone!
    my name is mindy, and i currently reside in new york. my husband moved here two years ago to live, but we are moving back to australia in december. i would like to return to school to get my second bachelor's degree in nursing, and we are going to live with his family during the time i'm in school (or until he gets a job that can support both of us while i'm going to school). his family lives in ballarat, vic, so naturally i am going to try to get into the university of ballarat.
    [color=#6a6a6a]i don't know entirely how it works in australia, as i am from the us, but what kind of competition am i up against? i had a 3.6 (out of a 4.0) gpa when i graduated college here, but i have been informed that the system is different there. i am also wondering what the job prospects are like as a new graduate.
    [color=#6a6a6a]if anyone could shed any light on this, i would so greatly appreciate it. thanks so much!
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  3. by   samiiow
    Hi Mindy

    This is Emmanuel, Im a nursing student at Ballarat as well. unfortunately, Im doing nursing at ACU (another university at Ballarat). I dont really know how to transfer GPA from US to Australia, but i think your score is enough for bacheler degree.

    We face nursing shortage, so it will be easy to find a job here, especially the aged care job. and we have 2 hospitals here --- Balllarat Health Service (or base hospital) and St Johns of God Hospital. They both offer graduate programme with a wide range of areas for you to work in as a new graduate for example, medical, surgical, emergency, mental, rehab, ICU, peds etc.

    The only thing I concerned is they gonna treat you as a domestic student or International. IT IS RELEVANT TO YOUR FEES!

    And you definitely have to work with younger people like 18 yrs old young. But Im sure you will find someone around your age.

    This link here for you: Program Finder Search
  4. by   Bringonthenight
    Going from New York to Ballarat?! I hope your ready to downsize! Haha. All the best with getting into the Uni