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    Quote from aussieoceans14
    Wondering if someone can help me. Applying for Nursing position as EEN in the public hospital setting and one of the questions asked in application is currently registered with AHPRA. I'm having trouble figuring out what to write. Do i just say currently registered with no notations with x amount of experience. Was also registered 25 years ago, hospital trained but subsquently re-trained last year due to been out of the work force for so long due to raising a family.Thanks anyone.

    Hi Aussieoceans14,

    If you are currently registered with the AHPRA and have an ID number, than you should say "yes" on the application. It doesn't seem like the question is asking you about experience, it seems as if the question is only asking you whether or not the AHPRA has given you permission to work as an EEN in the country of Australia. Once the application asks you about experience, then you may go into how you have gap in your working experience. Hope that helps!
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    Thanks for your reply