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Is my agency the only one who has been SUPER slow in the last few months? I can probably count on both hands the number of times I've been called to go to a shift! My manager says it will pick up... Read More

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    Hi. Am new to this forum/app. I am an agency nurse in Melbourne. Maybe I can help. I work in ICU and cath lab.
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    I would expect agency work to get very quiet in the new year. It was very quiet the beginning of 2012. Try Belmore for some longer term placements.
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    i would love to pick your brain! from my understanding, shifts are typically 8hrs? are you finding enough work? 3-4 shifts a week? do you mind if i ask if you are from aus or from another country? i'm coming in a few weeks from los angeles and am signed on with HCA.

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    Hi everyone,
    Has the market changed for any of you? Just wondering the current situation with agency nursing in Melbourne.
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    hey nephron,

    it's not great. it is still the "slow" season here, new grads start, and there are also some government cutbacks on the public hospitals (in melbourne) so i think all of that has been affecting it too. i can have a great week with 5 shifts and another with 2. if you are able to get in good with a particular hospital or unit where they request you then that helps a lot...but it's still not always enough. the experienced agency nurses as well as the agency itself keeps saying it will pick up. you can also sign on with multiple agencies, that can help too but all the agencies are affected.